Environment and facilities

Creche Diocesana Helen Liang - Centro Familiar is an independent building located on Rua do Parque, Sai Wan, with a total area of 3,109 square meters and a large outdoor activity space. The nursery is equipped with a chapel, security room, activity rooms, office, meeting room, health room, nursery room, staff lounge, kitchen, laundry room, storage room, and toilets, etc. There are garden areas and a small swimming pool on both sides. In accordance with the principle of "safety first, environmental protection and energy saving, as well as multiple functions", various facilities and equipment are prepared for children to use; in response to the environmental protection concept of "Building a low carbon Macao, creating green living together ", the nursery has introduced relevant elements in design, environmental layout, and game design, etc. The outdoor venue is equipped with physical fitness and play facilities for children which provide ecological resources for children to observe, experience, learn, and get close to nature; a variety of plants are also planted, which is full of greenery all year round. We engaged to provide children with a beautiful and comfortable environment.