Common problem

  • Q1. How do I make an appointment for a Family Center?

    Parents should log into their account and apply for membership of Creche Diocesana Helen Liang – Centro Familiar for their children. Make an appointment in [Reservation Service] or [Member Center] → [I want to make an appointment] online; Parents can select the date and activity in the appointment calendar and press the box (the number in the box represents the number of Family Center groups remaining). After filling in the required information, the reservation can be completed after receiving the confirmation email from the Family Center.

  • Q2. If an input error is found after the registration information is submitted, how can I correct the information?

    Parents cannot modify their children’s information by themselves. If they need to modify the information, they must call the Family Center (2897 1007) to notify the staff and visit the Family Center to make changes.

  • Q3. How to cancel an appointment?

    Those who make a cancelation of appointment need to click [Cancel Appointment] in [Modify Activity] on the [Member Center] homepage of the Family Center ‘s website at least before 12:00 noon on the day before the event starts.

  • Q4. What should I do if my child is sick or has an emergency on the day of the appointment and cannot go to the Family Center?

    If the reservation person has an unexpected reason, he or she can cancel the reservation by phone before the start of the activity. He or she should explain the reason so that the Family Center can follow up and note it down for reference.

  • Q5. Does the Family Center only allow parents to bring children into the Family Center?

    In addition to parents who can bring children into the Family Center, our organization also lists the options for the caregivers who enter the venue in the reservation system, such as: father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, maternal grandfather, grandmother, or other caregivers (including: children’s relatives, friends, or domestic helper).

  • Q6. When can I make an appointment at the Family Center? When is the deadline for appointments?

    Reservations can be made before 12:00 noon on the day before the opening of the venue, but only one session can be reserved a day; the user can reserve a maximum of 3 sessions, and the next session can be reserved after entering the venue. In addition, the Family Center will announce the next month’s activity on the 20th to 25th of each month. The Family Center adopts the method of registration first and drawing lots later. The user will receive an email notification of successful registration after 14:00 on the 26th of each month. At the same time, results are also available through this website.

  • Q7. If I arrive late, can I still enter the venue?

    If there are special circumstances for the user, they must notify the Family Center by phone, and we can only reserve it for 15 minutes. No reservation will be made if it is overdue.

  • Q8. Can I book Family Center on the same day?

    According to the rules for the use of Family Center, parents should make an appointment before 12:00 noon the day before that activity day. Parents can also visit the site or the website to inquire about the waiting list according to the number of reservations for the activity. If the activity is full, or 30 minutes have passed since the start of the activity, there will be no waiting list for the activity.

  • Q9. If I have already made an appointment, why cannot I make an appointment for the next one on the same day?

    Since the activity center is a resource for public use, in order to achieve the goal of providing more family use, the Family Center can only make an appointment for one session per day.

  • Q10. Can I go to the Family Center for activities without an appointment?

    This situation must be based on the number of reservations in the Family Center. If the number of session is full or the activity in the Family Center has started 30 minutes, we will not arrange other user to entry the Family Center. (Reminder: Family Center suggest making advance reservations for user.)

  • Q11. How many caregivers can a child have in the Family Center? Can I add or change a caregiver after an appointment?

    A toddler can only be accompanied by 1 to 2 caregivers. If parents want to add or change caregivers after making an appointment, they can add or modify caregivers on the [Member Center] homepage → [Modify Activity], or register with a Family Center staff before the event starts.

  • Q12. If I need to leave for a short time during the event, can I go out and re-enter the Family Center?

    If you leave for a short time, you must notify the staff in the Family Center and explain the reason. The caregiver must leave with the child when going out.

  • Q13. Why can the same child only reserve a maximum of 3 activities at the same time?

    It is because the Family Center is a resource for public use. In order to achieve the goal of providing more family use, each child can only reserve a maximum of 3 activities; parents only need to complete one activity before they can reserve the next one. .

  • Q14. Can non-local resident or tourists use the Family Center?

    The Family Center welcomes anyone who enters our center to use our services. Non-local resident or tourists can also register for membership online and use the reservation function. Parents can also visit the site or the website to inquire about the waiting list according to the number of reservations for the activity. If the activity is fully booked or the activity has started 30 minutes, no application will be accepted.

  • Q15. If I have two children, can they enter the Family Center at the same time?

    Family Center uses individual child as the unit of entry. If parents bring two children aged 0 to 3 with them, parents must register 2 different accounts for the children separately. Each child needs at least one caregiver over 18 years old to accompany.

  • Q16. I have two children and one of them is over 4 years old. Can I enter Family Center?

    Parents must contact the Family Center staff in advance, and we will confirm with parents by phone the day before the event (this service is only available from Tuesday to Friday).

  • Q17. What security measures does the website system provide to protect members' personal data?

    Family Center protects members’ personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Macao Special Administrative Region Law No. 8/2005 “Personal Data Protection Law”
    The Family Center website system also has a series of security protection measures, including: the system has a login name, password, and access criteria; The application is processed by the encryption algorithm and stored in the database. The location where the data files are stored is also set with restricted permissions

  • Q18. After using the [Forgot Password] function, when will I receive an email for notification?

    After parents use the [Forgot Password] function, they will immediately receive a [Password Reset] email from the Family Center. Parents, please do not use the [Forgot Password] function continuously, as it may lead to disorder in the sending order of [Password Reset] emails so that parents cannot modify the content of their account.

  • Q19. Are there any charges for using the facilities and services of the Family Center?

    Admission fees are required to enter the Family Center and use the facilities of Family Center. The cost of participation of services provided from Tuesday to Friday is MOP 30 per family group. The cost of participation of services provided on Saturday and Sunday is MOP 50 per family group. The cost of participation of other activities in Family Center is MOP 60 per family group. The cost of participation of outreach activities is MOP 80 per family group. The Family Center fee will be collected on-site in the form of Macau Pass or MPay electronic payment. Those who fail to pay in the above form will not be accepted.

  • Q20. Can I enter the Family Center if I do not bring my identification documents?

    We are sorry to inform you the following explanation of our policy: This is not possible. In order to ensure the personal safety of the children, Family Center also considers that the facilities of Family Center are suitable for a certain age. Therefore, under the consideration of safety, suitability, and amusement. Family Center must confirm the personal information of the children and their parents; if the children or parents do not bring their identification documents with them, the Family Center will have the right to refuse them to enter the Family Center.

  • Q21. Can I eat and drink in the Family Center?

    We are sorry to inform you the following explanation of our policy. This is not possible. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the environment, the venue is completely prohibited from eating and drinking except for the nursery room. Only the nursery room provides water fountains for parents to use. Parents can also bring their own drinking water.

  • Q22. 5. Does the Family Center provide WIFI?

    In order to encourage the interaction between caregivers and young children, WIFI (wireless network) service is not available in the Family Center.